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Finding Critiques: Scribolphile

Greetings my Lovelies!


As a writer, you will read and re-read your work a thousand times or more.  After a while everything starts to blur together and you start to hate your book with each re-read.  You know you should let someone else read your work in progress, it’s strongly recommended, but how to do you go about that?  Do you throw it to your friends and family….do you approach strangers…how do you do that!?  I know that I’ve struggled with that myself.  There was a site that I used in the very beginning of my writing career that was an offshoot of  That unfortunately has been discontinued for a number of years now.  But luckily, I’ve found a new site: Scribolphile.


What is Scribolphile?

It’s a platform where writers can post their work to get feed back from other writers.  The main services are free to use although they do offer a premium account for about $9 a month.  The premium account offers a few more specialized features like putting in cool fonts or pictures in your work.  Keeping everything, because after a while you’ll have to go through and delete stuff, and offering extra karma points for your critiquers.  When you sign up there’s a checklist that leads you through the site, showing you how to navigate the site and gets you started.  From there you have to give a couple of critiques to earn enough points to publish your first piece.  They also offer forums where you can network or ask other writers questions.  There’s also an academic page where they post up articles about aspects of writing.  You can join groups with writers who are working on the same genre as you.  Basically, it’s social networking for writers with the added bonus of getting some feed back on your work.


Karma points?  What’s that?

It’s a point system that allows you to post or compete on the site.  Basically, if you want people to critique your work, you need to do the same for them.  It reminds me of torrent (a downloading site) where you have to give as much as you take.  You also have to give good critiques to earn points too.  Hey these are authors just like you and we’re all on this site for the same thing, some good constructive criticism.


Should I use this site?

I don’t see why not.  Try the free membership first to see if this is something that works for you.  You may not stay long but you could end up making some new connections and when you’re trying to get off the ground that’s always a good thing.  My only real grip about this platform is that you have to review 5 people before you can post anything. You can also only post about 3k words at a time.  You can however, post in parts but you need to have enough karma points to do it.  Yeah it sounds a little irritating, but if you make some good connections you can work directly with them.

Short answers:

Are you struggling to find impartial critiques?  Yes: use this site.   No: stick with what you got.

But hey don’t take my word for it, try it out for yourself by following the link below.  Also I should mention that in no way shape or form am I getting paid for this post.  This is just my humble opinion and for fun information.

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