Greetings My Peeps!

Fierce Female February

Greetings My Lovelies!


Now that we’ve fully settled into the new year, the ever wonderful Ashley over at Falling down the Book Hole has created the Fierce Female February reading challenge.   You can participate in a group reading and chat on the twitter page.  You can also review books based on the prompts in the first picture.  Or participate on Instagram by taking part in the photo challenges.  Using the link below will enter your name in a raffle where you can win all sorts of prizes and just maybe a copy of my latest book: Time of Prophecy.

So let’s get to reading and celebrate all the bad-ass women in literature and history!

Raffle entry

Greetings My Peeps!

Indiecember: A Way to Give Back.

Greetings My Lovelies!


I hope you all survived Thanksgiving with only minimal scaring.  Now it’s time to gird our loins and suit up for December.  In the spirit of giving, the amazing Megan Tennant has created a reading challenge for the month of December called Indiecember.  Basically it’s a way to help indie authors and give back the community for giving us wonderful stories to read.  I, myself, am a proud member of this community.  

The rules are simple and I will link the main page with full details below.  Play bingo and earn marks for leaving reviews on ANY indie book you’ve EVER read.  That’s right!  You don’t have to spend that much money buying new indie books (although that would be nice) but not necessary.

Here’s a pic of the card with what my books would earn you.  Just to give you head start.  And here’s the rules laid out plain and simple







Winners will get all sort of nifty prizes like free books, free merch, and other delights.  So get out there and leave some reviews on Amazon and Goodreads in support of Indie Authors everywhere!



For full rules and list of contributors click here!


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