Greetings My Peeps!

Trying New Things

Greetings My Lovelies!


It’s hard to believe that January is almost over.  But it also feels like it’s been January for a thousand years.  Any who, nothing really writing related today because I’m in the middle of researching some things.  But I figured that it would be a good time to tell you guys about some new things that I have going on.  

New thing #1: Facebook fan page

After talking to Christina, a long term friend, I’ve decided to give the fan page a whirl.  It will be a place where a few of my various platforms converge.  But it will also be a fun place where my readers and I can mingle.  I will add the link to the page below.


New thing #2:  I’m on YouTube

The funny thing about me is that my personality doesn’t really come out when I write.  I’ve sort of trained myself to be neutral.  But when I’m talking, I’m more like myself.  So I’ve decided to give YouTube a go.  Now don’t worry, I won’t get rid of this blog.  They’re gonna run the same content (for the most part) until I figure out which one I like the most.  Each has their own benefits and stresses.


New thing #3: New features on Patreon

I’ve completely reworked my Patreon page.  Now patrons get access to a small writing samples every Saturday, first to know story updates and events, a really fun segment called “Control the Writer”, along with a ton of other features.  So if any of that wets your whistle, then click the link below and become a patron today.

Fan page baby!

Be sure to stop by my Patreon Page for exclusive content and goodies.  You can also follow me on Twitter   and   Instagram .


See ya next time!


Greetings My Peeps!

2019 Writing Resolutions

Greetings My Lovelies!


With the new year comes promises that we make to ourselves to help us grow throughout the year.  More often than not, we fall off the bandwagon and try again next year.  I know I’m bad about that but I aim to be better.  In addition to some other goals that are personal, I have a few writing goals as well. 


Goal #1: To write every day

I got a nifty little planner book from a Scribler box last month and I’m gonna use that to track my daily work counts.  I’m planning on writing 12k word a week.  That would equal out to roughly 36k words a month and give me time to do edits and revisions.


Goal #2:  To earn 15 new patrons on Patreon

In case you don’t know, Patreon is a platform where lovely people like you can help support independent creators like me.  For pledging a certain amount of money each month you’ll get perks that aren’t available to the general public.  For me that means you get things like Patreon only content, an opportunity to control a writer, and an extra special perk for those of the top tiers.  Click the link here Patreon Page  to head over and check it out.


Goal #3 Take care of my mental health

2018 saw a rise in my depression and anxiety to levels that I’ve never seen before.  I didn’t take care of myself which only made things worse and made it harder for me to write the way I wanted to which, in turn, lead to more depression and anxiety.  See the issue.  So this year I need to take better care of myself, physically and mentally so that I can not only be happier, but a better writer as well.


Question time?

Did you make any resolutions this year?

What are they?


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Greetings My Peeps!

Special Announcement!!!!

Greetings my lovelies!


I have a special announcement to make.  After much deliberation and research, I’ve finally created a Patreon page.  If you haven’t heard, Patreon is a site that allows people to help sponsor artists and creators.  In exchange for help, patrons get special benefits.  Follow the link below to go to my page.  Help me to spread the word.  Thanks!







Patreon Page