My husband and I are having some fertility issues.  I went to see a specialist, and like any time you go see the doctor, they made me get on the scale.  It was a bit of a shock seeing the number I saw.  So when I got home, I swore to change.  I’ve made some adjustments and am trying to get into the swing of working out and what not.  I have to constantly remind myself that any progress I make is good.  So that brings us to the quote of the week:


This World

After my husband gets home and he gives me a kiss and after we tell each other about our days, he turns on the news and says, “Let’s see who’s died today?”  I know he’s joking but honestly, 90% of the time someone has died or something tragic has happened.  I don’t know if the world is actually going to shit or if maybe I’m just more aware of it now.  But either way, there appears to be more darkness in the world.  So here’s my attempt to shine a little light into the dark.

Here’s the first post in a new segment I’m doing called Powerful Words.  These words of wisdom or kindness may come from me, quotes I find, or quotes from books.  I hope that they find you just when you need them the most.