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2019 Writing Resolutions

Greetings My Lovelies!


With the new year comes promises that we make to ourselves to help us grow throughout the year.  More often than not, we fall off the bandwagon and try again next year.  I know I’m bad about that but I aim to be better.  In addition to some other goals that are personal, I have a few writing goals as well. 


Goal #1: To write every day

I got a nifty little planner book from a Scribler box last month and I’m gonna use that to track my daily work counts.  I’m planning on writing 12k word a week.  That would equal out to roughly 36k words a month and give me time to do edits and revisions.


Goal #2:  To earn 15 new patrons on Patreon

In case you don’t know, Patreon is a platform where lovely people like you can help support independent creators like me.  For pledging a certain amount of money each month you’ll get perks that aren’t available to the general public.  For me that means you get things like Patreon only content, an opportunity to control a writer, and an extra special perk for those of the top tiers.  Click the link here Patreon Page  to head over and check it out.


Goal #3 Take care of my mental health

2018 saw a rise in my depression and anxiety to levels that I’ve never seen before.  I didn’t take care of myself which only made things worse and made it harder for me to write the way I wanted to which, in turn, lead to more depression and anxiety.  See the issue.  So this year I need to take better care of myself, physically and mentally so that I can not only be happier, but a better writer as well.


Question time?

Did you make any resolutions this year?

What are they?


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Greetings My Peeps!

Indiecember: A Way to Give Back.

Greetings My Lovelies!


I hope you all survived Thanksgiving with only minimal scaring.  Now it’s time to gird our loins and suit up for December.  In the spirit of giving, the amazing Megan Tennant has created a reading challenge for the month of December called Indiecember.  Basically it’s a way to help indie authors and give back the community for giving us wonderful stories to read.  I, myself, am a proud member of this community.  

The rules are simple and I will link the main page with full details below.  Play bingo and earn marks for leaving reviews on ANY indie book you’ve EVER read.  That’s right!  You don’t have to spend that much money buying new indie books (although that would be nice) but not necessary.

Here’s a pic of the card with what my books would earn you.  Just to give you head start.  And here’s the rules laid out plain and simple







Winners will get all sort of nifty prizes like free books, free merch, and other delights.  So get out there and leave some reviews on Amazon and Goodreads in support of Indie Authors everywhere!



For full rules and list of contributors click here!


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See ya next time!

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World Building: Religion

Greetings My Lovelies!


It’s time for part three of my World building segment.  So far we’ve talked about you country and the people who live in it.  Now it is time to talk about religion.  I know some of you may already be rolling your eyes, but you cannot deny that religion is an important aspect for any people, culture, world.  So without further ado, here’s the five things you need to keep in mind when creating a religion for your world.


Do I even need a religion?

Let’s go a head and nip this in the bud.  If your people don’t need a religion then there’s no reason to continue on.  But if your character doesn’t but the the rest of your world does, then you need to keep going and hash it out.  Now I can hear some of you asking….”What do you mean if they need a religion?”  Your world may not need religion.  Are then science driven, then they may not need to have a religion at all.  Think of the Vulcans.  They don’t really have a religion (that I’m aware of) because they value logic above everything.  Religion is about faith not logic, so if your people don’t need faith then you need not worry about the next four steps.

How does my culture and landmass effect the religion.

I took a religion class in collage and one thing stuck with me.  Did the religion have an effect on a culture or did the culture have and effect on the religion.  Religion is an organic thing.  It tends to evolve over time not just with text but with practices.  But it still depends on the people who follow it.  A desert culture isn’t going to jungle goddess.  A people who are matriarchal will probably not have god as the ruler of their gods. Whether you believe the divine is 100% real or archetypes, it has to make sense to the people that are going to be involved in it.  You really don’t have to spend too much time on this just make sure that you do.

What type of gods are there?

This is where it gets fun.  Let your creative juices flow unrestricted.  Are you going to go for an all encompassing singular god/ess?  Or will you create a whole pantheon?  Are all your god/ess good or do you have some trouble makers (looking at you Loki and Coyote).  Are they tied into certain aspects like seasons, trades, skills?  Research the gods of religions past and present.  This should give you a good idea where to start from and let you spend more time on baby name websites looking up cool and unique names for your new gods.  Maybe they just pray to the vast Universe knowing that humans could never fully understand or perceive the divine?  Go crazy and have fun.

Do your people worship something other than gods?

In some cultures families are so important that you pray to your ancestors to intercede on their behalf and in turn the living family provides sustenance for the dead family in the afterlife.  Perhaps your people worship nature spirits.  Just know that there are always options and if you choose to go this route, you can still have fun with it.

How do your people access their gods?

Are there holy text that only a few can read?  Are there sacred sites or buildings?  What are the holy days?  Basically how do the masses practice their faith? This is important because if only a few really understand then that can lead to corruption and oppression.  If it’s open to all then that could mean that there’s less rigidity in the religion.  Perhaps there are holy people who travel and teach?  Maybe there’s holy sites that they only go to at certain times but the rest is handled in their homes?


There’s probably a hundred more topics just related to religion but I believe that these are enough to get you started.  But the main thing is to not be afraid when creating your religion.  All religions sound a little crazy when you really think about them.  But religion is something that can either mean a great deal to your people or not.  But in our world there have been plenty of wars waged in the name of religion so it can’t hurt to at least think about it in your new world.  Well that’s all that I have this week.  Be sure to comment below if you have any questions or have points you think others should know.

See ya next time!

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Book Review: Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman

Greetings My Lovelies!

Hey guys.  Sorry I missed last week.  I had a family emergency and didn’t think about it.  But I’m here no so let’s get this party started.  I rate books on a scale of coffee cups….because I love coffee.  Also there will be no spoilers in these reviews.


0 cups= I hated it/couldn’t finish

1 cup= did like but finished bc I’m stubborn

2 cups= meh

3 cups= Not the best but interesting enough to finish

4 cups= I really like it.  



0 Cups


General Overview:

The Owens women are cursed.  They have no problem finding love, the trick is keeping it.  Death, rumors, and loneliness are as common as the sun rising each morning.  But Sally isn’t having any of it.  She and her girls will have a normal life if it kills her.  She does everything she can to turn her back on her family’s heritage until the day her sister Jillian returns carrying a trunk load of trouble that can only be solved by being an Owens woman. 


My Thoughts:

I’d seen the movie so many times before I read this book.  I didn’t even realize it was a book until many years later and I think that’s why I didn’t like it.  I went in with tons of preconceptions.  The sisters and how they act with each other are completely different in the movie.  The same with the aunts.  The director took plenty of liberties when he made this book a movie.  But all that aside, the writing and pacing are pretty good.  I made it a third of the way through before I gave up.  I kept expecting certain things to happen because of the movie and they never did and I knew that I couldn’t keep on going.


Reread factor:

I don’t think I will give this book another chance.  Sometimes if I don’t like a book, I’ll set it aside for later.  Sometimes that helps but sometimes it doesn’t.  I’ve just seen the movie way too many times to separate the two.  I have the same problem with Stephen King and his movies/TV shows. 


If you’ve read this book, please comment below.  Maybe I’ll give it another chance.  I felt so bad not being able to finish it.

Have you had this happen to you?  Comment below!


See ya next time!

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Greetings My Peeps!

Out of Balance

I have finished my first year of teaching and boy did the rest of my life suffer for it.  Almost everything got pushed to the side while I tried to keep my head over water.  I had no energy to do anything, and I mean anything.  Most nights I came home and instantly went to sleep.  Now bear in mind I got back home at 3:30.  That’s crazy.  I stopped working out.  I stopped reading.  I stopped painting and I especially stopped doing anything writing related.

I felt terrible.

But now it’s summer so I have the time to catch up on the huge pile I have on the back burner.  This blog being one of them.

My third book is due to come out at the end of next month but I’ve done almost no marketing for it.  I have no idea what I’m going to do.

I need a drink and start getting my life back on track.

Until next time my peoples!

Greetings My Peeps!

The Hardest Month of My Life

Jesus, I’m so happy this month is finally over.  I have been running on fumes since Thanksgiving.  My novel had taken the back burner to my job, which feeds my feelings of inadequacy, family obligations and the anniversary of my grandmother’s death.  All a potent mixture that drags me down into my own personal tar pit.  But now that the holiday season is winding down, and I had a few days to myself, I can breath easy again.

Now, I’m not the type of person who makes new years resolutions.  I don’t really see the need in trying to commit to something new just because the year started over.  I try to work on myself throughout the year.  With that being said, the one goal that I made for myself this year (yes I know I just said I didn’t do these things) is to find more balance in my life.  I’m one of those people to always bites off more that they can chew.  I love trying new things and my house is often littered with half finished projects that often get pushed to the side when my life becomes crazy.  Unfortunately, my job (special education teacher) means that my life will always be crazy.  I need to find some semblance of balance with all the loves in my life.

On that note, I wish you all a Happy New Year!  Here’s hoping it will be better than the last.


Greetings My Peeps!

Which Way Is Up?

Oh dear lord, what a crazy two weeks.  I haven’t accomplished anything and yet so much has happened to me.

I’m written up to the climax of my newest novel Time of Prophecy.  I decided to take a step back and visually story board it.  You see when I write it tends to play out like a movie in my head.  If I’m coming up on a complex or difficult scene, I just let it run in my head and gleam information that way.  It helps a little.  Any who, while I was taking time out for that, the shit hit the proverbial fan…but in a good way.

As many of you may remember, I work as a Teacher’s Assistant in special needs and was working on getting my teaching license.  At the end of the last school year I decided that I was going to stay in special needs.  I love those kids and I love what I do.  So I put out my resume.  When I didn’t hear anything back I started to feel discouraged, but then I got a call from my principal.  The teacher in the other classroom had left and he since he knew I was looking for a teaching position he offered me hers.  YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!  I didn’t want to leave the school because I love everyone there and I have an awesome Special needs team.  So I have all that craziness going on while I learn about the children I’m responsible for and setting my my classroom.

On top of that, I’m currently recovering from having some cysts removed from my ovaries to see if that will help me and my husband conceive.  The incisions still bleed a little when I move around a lot and I’m in the itching phase of healing.

Then, on top of everything else, my husband and I are looking to purchase our first home.  The market is tough and it’s proving difficult to find homes in the area we want.

It was only today that I realized that I haven’t even thought of my novel, writing, or anything else for a while now.  I have to finish writing before school starts and still go through the final editing stage.  I edit as I go.

Thank goodness for coffee is all I have to say.

Later folks!

Greetings My Peeps!

Beach Trip

This past fourth, my husband and I made the trek up to New Jersey to spend a week with his family.  His grandma had flown in from Russian and that was the first time she had seem my hubby since he left 13 yrs ago.  It was a fun trip.  I would have more but the other pics are under my hubby’s google account and I cant’ remember the password.


I’m a little scared of heights but love Ferris wheels
Look at this hansom dork
Greetings My Peeps!

Where’s My Magic Carpet?

For as long as I can remember, there has been this thirst in me to see the world and all its wonders.  I’m not just talking about the ancient structures or the typical tourist things (not that there’s anything wrong with them) but the colorful tapestry that is mankind.  I love experiencing different cultures and learning how they see the world and their place in the universe.  And honestly, I think that’s where we are failing.  I see it on the news and hear it in passing conversations.  There’s too much talk about “them” and not enough about “us”.  No matter where or how you grew up our drives are all the same.  We want a good like for our family and our people.  Ok time for me to get off my soap box.

The main reason why I wanted to post today was because the travel bug has attacked me with a vengeance.  Just recently, my husband’s babushka came to visit all the way from Uzbekistan.  Now for those of you who do not know, Uzbek used to be part of Soviet Russia, so his grandma considers herself Russian.

Any who.

I felt bad not being able to talk to her because I don’t speak Russian and she doesn’t speak English.  Thank goodness for Google Translate.  It may not be 100% correct, but we were able to carry on a small conversation.  By the end of the visit my husband once again broached the subject of getting our passports.  We always talk about getting them but never do anything further (a bad habit of ours) but now, I think, we might finally do it.  There are too many places that I want to see in this world.  Too many things that I want to do and too many new flavors I want to savor.  It’s time and past for me to get a passport, pack my bags, and live like the gypsy that I was always meant to be.

Here’s where I want to go:

Drink a pint in Ireland.

Ride a horse through the Scottish highlands

Marvel at the ruins of Ancient Rome

Sail along the Mediterranean Sea

Be in the Red Square while it snows

Visiting the temples in China

See Mt Everest (I’m not crazy enough to climb it)

Walk where the Pharaohs once walked

Dine on top of the Eiffel Tower

See Stonehenge

That’s not everything but just a small list of the places I want to go to some day.

Until next time my people!

Greetings My Peeps!

Getting Back into the Groove

Man oh man.  My summer isn’t quite going the way I planned.  As an educator, my summers are mainly used to recharge my extremely depleted batteries and possibly getting caught up on all the other projects that tend to fall to the wayside because of work.  Well unfortunately, the sweet summer heat has left me lethargic and before I knew it, quite a bit of time has passed.  At least it’s not too late now to get back into the groove.  So no more waking up when I feel like it.  No more days mindlessly surfing the internet or binge watching my favorite shows on Netflix.


I gotta get myself in front of my computer and start really punching out some chapters if I want to get Time of Prophecy out on time.  That’s not to say that I still can’t have fun every now and again.  Wink Wink