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World Building: Economy

Greetings My Lovelies!


It’s time again for another segment in my world building series.  This is the last one that pertains to the planning stages.  Next week we’ll dive into the final segments.  But without further ado, let’s talk about money.  I actually only have four things for you to consider today.  Like with everything else these don’t have to be completely hashed out as long as you have a good understanding.  The reason why I’m even bringing up money is because that is the force that drives the world.  It doesn’t always have to be coin or paper.  Use what ever system you like.  Let’s go.

Are all my countries wealthy?

In the real world there are countries who struggle for one reason or another.  Is your single country or multi country world well off?  Poor countries might try to steal what they need or work out some kind of deal with countries who are better off.  On the flip side, countries that have an abundance of wealth are usually targets for those who either have nothing or want more.  Your countries status will change how other countries interact with them.

What (if anything) is your country know for economically?

I live in the US and each state has a couple of crops that they have claimed as their state crop, or they produce a large portion of a certain crop.  What is your country known for economically?  It doesn’t have to be a crop.  It could be meat, a trade, or spices.  This just adds another layer of realism to your world/country.  Everyone is known for something.  If your country isn’t known for something then you might want to ask yourself why?  Is your country mediocre?  Do they have seat at the table but no real power?  These are some interesting questions because they could end up as driving points for certain characters.

How do the masses access the goods and in what form?

This is where you get to decide what system does your country use when it comes to the acquisitions of goods and services.  Do they use a coin system?  A digital credit?  Rations?  Barter?  Are there any taxes or other fees?  Just put yourself in your world and figure out how would you go about living your daily life.  That will really help you figure out some, if not most, of the small details that might pop up later.  Doing it a head of time will keep you from having to stop and think about it later and then go back to establish it earlier on.


Unless you set it up as some type of utopia, there needs to be a shady element.  There are going to be people who’d rather steal for what they want.  Let’s not forget about assassins and other thugs.  Crime is a lucrative enterprise.  Just look at the Cartels and Mofias.  The crime element can also add a bit of unpredictability to your world or settings.  Like the saying goes, there’s no loyalty among thieves.

Well there you have it folks, just four simple things to think about when you’re setting up your country’s economy.  So what about you?  Do you have any ideas that you would like to share?  Did I miss anything?  Comment below!

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