The End of a Series

Three years ago, I published my first book and right now I’m diligently working on completing the whole story arch.  I’ve learned so much along the way.  I never knew how challenging it is to write a series.  I learned a lot about what kind of voice I want my books to have and my style as a writer.  I think this story (all three books) will always hold a special place in my heart.  With that being said, if everything goes right, Time of Prophecy will be released sometime in October of this year.  Yeah!  What this really means is that I need to buckle down and get back to work.  I spent most of today editing in between laundry loads but I need to carve out some more time in my week for writing. If I hope to meet my deadline, I will need more time than just the weekends.

Here’s to you characters of the Lost Guardian series!    Let’s finish this thing strong and together!


Weird forms of inspiration

There are some things that help a writer find the right words to say or breathe to life a scene.  Music is usually the first thing that people talk about.  I often listen to certain styles of music when I’m writing certain pieces.  The music helps me to create the world and people in my head.  It also helps to create sequences.  When I’m editing, I tend to listen to music that l like to sing along to.  Editing is one of the most boring things a writer has to do.  I tend to go cross-eyed after a while.  But I don’t really want to go too far into musical inspiration.

There are some really odd things that I do that help with my creative process.  First, it’s cleaning. More specifically when I’m cleaning alone.  As I tackle the chores I have neglected all week, I work out a considerable amount of my dialogues.   I even do accents, thus the need to be alone.  My husband already thinks I’m crazy.  At least my pugs won’t judge me.  The other thing is the Game of Thrones game on Facebook.  I don’t know why but for some reason that game gets my story juices flowing.  Maybe because it’s a story driven game…shrugs.

Anyways, I would love to hear of the ways you guys find your inspiration. Comment below



Editing day

I sat down to start working on the climax for Souls in the Dark, but the words wouldn’t come.  I tried to write a few words but they just weren’t right.  But I cannot do nothing, so it looks like it’s an editing day.  I’ve almost caught up to what I have written so far which is great.  So time to make myself a cup of tea…Oh wait…I dragged my hubby to the farmer’s market the other weekend.  We were just milling about, I was looking for duck egg when I discovered something better; a tea merchant!  Yeah!



I love tea just as much as I love coffee.  I love unique teas even more.  I bought an once of this absolutely delicious tea called French Quarter.  It smells like pipe tobacco but tastes like heaven.  I might have to go back and get some more.  There were a lot of interesting blends that I would like to try.

Anyways, back on topic; I’m going to make myself a cup of tea, play some soft music and get to polishing my words.  Until next time people!



Crunch Time

Uh oh…

I just realized last night that I have slacked off a little this summer.  It’s July and I haven’t finished writing yet….


I mean, I’m not that far off from finishing, but far enough that I had to apologize to my hubby.  I told him that I loved him but I needed to catch up this weekend.  Luckily, I’ve revised about half the book on days that I had writer’s block, but there’s still quite a bit to go through.  I’m still waiting on hearing back from my beta readers and I still need to contact my editor.  I got a lot of work to do if I want Souls in the Dark to be released on time.  Wish me luck my peeps!



The little things

Because of my day job, writing my second book is a bit of a struggle.  I don’t necessarily have the time or the energy after work to sit down and write.  This also means that I have even less time to edit.  Every time I tried, my eyes would eventually end up crossed from staring at the screen.  To fix this, I have decided to go a little old school.  I printed out the chapters that I’ve completed and pulled out my handy dandy red pen and got to work.  Oddly, I love it.  There’s something beautiful about it all.  I was actually able to get through a chapter faster this way than my editing on my computer.  While it may cost a little more (paper and ink) I can carry my manuscript with me anywhere and whip it out to do a bit of editing if I have a free moment.  Pretty sweet huh?

Well I got to go.  Until next time folks.  Have a great weekend!


I’m back in the saddle again!

Man o man!  It has been a long minute since I have updated anything.  I feel a little guilty about that but that’s life.  Sometimes you just can’t get to everything.  Well, I hope that everyone is doing well as we gear up for the holiday season.  Even though I haven’t been here, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been working.  I’m still working away on Souls in the Dark.  I’ve actually been plotting a lot (insert evil laugh).







Ha ha.  Don’t worry folks, I haven’t planned anything too shocking….at least, not yet……ha-ha.  So let me get back to work.  I just wanted to drop a line and let you guys know that I’m still alive and well.  And that I might release a tid bit of my new book.  I do have some parts that I’m already in love with.


Until Next Time!