Greetings My Peeps!

Hurry Up and Grow!

Last year I finally got my garden.  Granted it was small, but I didn’t want to do too much too fast.  I have another one this year and I have added to it.  I still have tomatoes and peppers, but I’ve added carrots, parsnips, and green onions.  Every day I go out and look at my garden, silently urging it to grow faster so I can enjoy it better.  This year, I also started my very first herb garden.  It’s nothing special, but it’s a start.  I have peppermint, rosemary, and lemon thyme.  The nursery didn’t have any basil (sigh) but it’s alright. Here it is:

11162190_10152761807056246_8467910081865921825_nSo pretty.  Things are getting interesting in my vegetable garden too.  I have my first tomato!  Granted it’s green and impossibly small, but it’s there!  My peppers have also started flowering as well.  Yeah!  I can’t wait!  I can’t wait to eat them.  I can’t wait to can them!  The little buggers just need to hurry up and grow!  Ha-ha.

My neighbor’s blackberry bush is almost at the end of its flowering and we can already see the little berries.  We share the bush because she could never eat them all, but I share my veggies with her.  It’s a fair trade.

Well my lovelies, while I would love to stay and chat, I have chores to do and bread to bake.  ‘Til next time!


Greetings My Peeps!

Pick a Peck of Pickled Peppers

As you may remember, I started a garden this year.  It’s nothing special, just a couple of things.  Right now my peppers are really doing nicely.  I really wasn’t planning on doing any canning this year, mostly because my garden is small so that means we eat it as fast as it grows.  We’ll I finally had to give in and can my peppers because if I didn’t they would go bad.  I searched around the internet till I found a recipe that I liked.  I made some changes because we like all things spicy in my house.  So I added red pepper lakes and whole bits of pepper.  My husband just shook his head over my silliness but couldn’t resist putting in his two cents.  He says he doesn’t see the point in canning but he always finds a way to be in the kitchen when I do.  I don’t normally mind but he always gets my way but I love him dearly.

I'm so proud of myself.
I’m so proud of myself.

What about you guys?  Have any of you canned anything before?  If so I would love to see your recipes.  If not, what is something that you always wanted to try?  Love to hear from ya’ll.  Take care!