What do you get when you mix one part educator, one part writer, and three parts over active imagination with a dash of geekery?  Why you get me of course!

Greetings my internet peoples,

Normally this is where I tell you lots of useless information about myself that I spent hours agonizing over.  Meh.  If truth be told, I really didn’t feel like doing that.  I’m not a formal person, so why should my about me page be formal.  Here’s all that you need to know about me.


No seriously, I love them.  I can’t get my hands on them fast enough.  I love the written word.  I love it so much that I have been writing since middle school.  Sadly, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, I never shared any of my stories, preferring to squirrel them away like a dragon does with gold.  It wasn’t until recently when the wonderful world of self publishing erupted, that I even dared to share my stories to with the world.  (screaming to death).

So here I am, exposing a side of myself that I never would have before and you know what?  I like it.  There is nothing more satisfying that holding something that I have worked so hard on in actual book form!  It blows my mind each time and if I were to be totally honest, I would have to say that I’m a little bit addicted.  Any who, thanks for stopping by and take some time to check everything out.



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