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5 Things That Irritate Me While Reading

Greetings My Lovelies!


I hope everyone is doing well.  Right now I’m enjoying the first snow of the season.  Any who, I’ve had some people ask me about what I look for when it comes to my book reviews.  I don’t really have a set method per say, just some things or tropes that get under my skin consistently.  So without further ado here are my top five things that irritate me while reading.

Number 1: A world with little to no explanations.

World building can make or break your novel.  There’s a fine line between letting the reader learn about the world as they go and giving them everything in an information dump.  But what frustrates me to no end is when writers introduce their world with it’s strange terminology without any explanation.  Sometimes I have to read a bit two or three times before I either figure out what the hell the author is talking about or give up because I don’t want to get hung up on a small detail.

Number 2: Characters who are bitchy for the sake of being bitchy.

I know that not every character has to be likable but when characters swing back and forth between average and raging bitch like they’re bipolar for no other reason than to create conflict, I’m gonna call you out on it.  On a similar note, when characters themselves are fighting to stay mad at someone then maybe it’s time to rework the relationship.

Number 3: Useless Love interests/Love triangles.

Love is an organic entity, much like writing.  You cannot force it.  If you have to force your characters to like each other, then they shouldn’t be together.  Not everyone needs a love interest.  One a similar note; please, please, please stop making love triangles.  They are the most contrite things in literature.  Almost 90% of the time, the MC doesn’t even care about the triangle, it’s the author trying to get us invested in it.  Please stop.

Number 4: Kicking them while their down.

All writing is about conflict.  It’s the driving force that carries the story along, but sometimes writers channel their inner Satan or whatever and throw one thing after another at their characters.  The constant conflict without comes off as time fillers and a waste of time.  They don’t do anything except play with our emotions and I don’t care.  If you want to make an impact with your conflicts keep them sharp and precise that a well placed blade.  It’s the only way to maximize their impact.

Number 5: Taking forever to get to the point.

This is my number one complaint but number five listed.  I loath it when writers take forever to get to the main conflict.  I don’t mind getting to know the characters or the world but when it’s drawn out for the sake of drawing it out, then most likely I’ll have to put the book down.  My rule is that if I make it through a third of the book and still don’t care, then it goes back on the shelf.  Sometimes it’s my frame of mind that makes it difficult to get into the book but just as often, it’s unlikable characters and slow pacing.


Whelp, there you have it.  The five things that I hate when reading.  What are your’s?  Let me know by leaving a comment below!


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