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World Building: Maps

Greetings My Lovelies!


So here we are!  The last piece of my world building segment and everyone’s favorite thing to look at MAPS!

After all this planning and speculation, it’s time to take it all and put it into a coherent world.  I love maps.  I love reading a story and following along on the maps provided, and in all honesty I wish they could fold out so I could read and look at them at the same time.  They add a whole other level to the story telling.  But just how do you do this?  Well there are several options.

Option 1

Hire someone.  This is by far the easiest method.  It’s gonna take some time to find one that works within your budget but that’s easier than making it on your own.  They’ll ask you questions to get a general idea of how your world should look and adjust from there.  To find these wonderful people, you’ll need to search for fantasy cartography freelancers.


Option 2

The pasta/6sided die method.  This is a pretty fun method that could be at least a good starting point.  Basically what you do is take a large handful of macaroni noodles or 6 sided die and drop them onto a piece of paper.  From there you can adjust as needed.  Areas with large concentration of whatever you use could end up being cities or other features.  Then when you’re happy, trace first in pencil then marker and voila! A map.  Click the link here for full details: macaroni map


Option 3

Use a map generator.  I like this as another good reference because most of the hard work is done already for you.  In the generators, depending on which one you use, you can adjust everything right down to the coastlines.  A simple google search will give you plenty to choose from but I liked Asgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator.  They create maps randomly and if you have the patience you can build a whole map with cities, ports, and natural features.  You can also add whatever you need to make it fit your story better.  The link for it is here: Fanstay Map Generator.  One word of warning however, if you close the page, you’ll lose everything.  There’s no save option where you can go back later and work on it some more.


Option 4

Draw it yourself.  If you’re artistic or just like torturing yourself, you can always make your own map.  Maps don’t have to look fancy or pretty, they just need to give you a basic understanding of the layout of the world/country.  There are plenty of blogs that will help you draw them from scratch (I reference one above) but if you don’t like that then you need to read Fantastic Maps’ blog post on the matter.  These people make maps for a living and collaborate with other creators to help others create realistic worlds.  Their post is very easy to follow and applies a healthy helping of real world logic.  A great tool for anyone wanting to create their own map.  You can read the post here :World Building by Maps


As always, if you have any tips or tricks about creating maps or just world building in general, please comment below.  I’d love to hear from you!

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See ya next time!


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