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Book Review: Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman

Greetings My Lovelies!

Hey guys.  Sorry I missed last week.  I had a family emergency and didn’t think about it.  But I’m here no so let’s get this party started.  I rate books on a scale of coffee cups….because I love coffee.  Also there will be no spoilers in these reviews.


0 cups= I hated it/couldn’t finish

1 cup= did like but finished bc I’m stubborn

2 cups= meh

3 cups= Not the best but interesting enough to finish

4 cups= I really like it.  



0 Cups


General Overview:

The Owens women are cursed.  They have no problem finding love, the trick is keeping it.  Death, rumors, and loneliness are as common as the sun rising each morning.  But Sally isn’t having any of it.  She and her girls will have a normal life if it kills her.  She does everything she can to turn her back on her family’s heritage until the day her sister Jillian returns carrying a trunk load of trouble that can only be solved by being an Owens woman. 


My Thoughts:

I’d seen the movie so many times before I read this book.  I didn’t even realize it was a book until many years later and I think that’s why I didn’t like it.  I went in with tons of preconceptions.  The sisters and how they act with each other are completely different in the movie.  The same with the aunts.  The director took plenty of liberties when he made this book a movie.  But all that aside, the writing and pacing are pretty good.  I made it a third of the way through before I gave up.  I kept expecting certain things to happen because of the movie and they never did and I knew that I couldn’t keep on going.


Reread factor:

I don’t think I will give this book another chance.  Sometimes if I don’t like a book, I’ll set it aside for later.  Sometimes that helps but sometimes it doesn’t.  I’ve just seen the movie way too many times to separate the two.  I have the same problem with Stephen King and his movies/TV shows. 


If you’ve read this book, please comment below.  Maybe I’ll give it another chance.  I felt so bad not being able to finish it.

Have you had this happen to you?  Comment below!


See ya next time!

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