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Book Review: Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen

Greetings My Lovelies!

It’s Monday so that’s means that it’s time once again for me to do a book review.  Yea! So here’s how this works. I rate books on a scale of coffee cups….because I love coffee.  Also there will be no spoilers in these reviews.


0 cups= I hated it/couldn’t finish

1 cup= did like but finished bc I’m stubborn

2 cups= meh

3 cups= Not the best but interesting enough to finish

4 cups= I really like it.  



4 Cups


General Overview:

Head up to the mountains of North Carolina and visit a place where simple magic is all around.  A place where strange things happen nearly every day but nothing as strange as the Waverleys.  In their back yard they have an apple tree that they protect, not because the apples are delicious but because the apples will show you the greatest event in your life, and not everyone can handle that.  Claire Waverley has built a successful business out of her family’s oddities.  Her food can “influence” your dinner guests thus making her a prize commodity.  Everything in her world is going smoothly until her sister, Sydney, returns with a daughter in tow.  Sometimes, you have to shake the branches to get what you need.


My Thoughts:

The only reason why I didn’t give this book a 5 cup rating is because I wanted it to be longer.  I know, I’m being petty but that’s how much I enjoyed reading this book.  I stumbled across this book in my local library and knew from the first few pages that I was going to have to buy it for my own.  The magic in this book is so subtle that you can miss it and that’s why I love it.  It has a Practical Magic feel to it but is something all its own.


Reread factor:

I have read this book several time already and as I sit here typing it’s review I find myself with the urge to reread it again.  It’s an easy read with lovable characters with strong messages about being true to yourself and family.  You need this book in your life.


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See ya next time!



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