Greetings My Peeps!

In the Night

In the cool, dark night

Magick stirs in the air.

Witches, ghosts, and fairies

Come out from their lair.


Tread carefully eager traveler

As you walk in the shadows

For you may fall victim

To the otherworld’s power.


Make sure to leave a gift

For those who have crossed the veil

And listen closely to their words

For they have a story to tell.


In the cool, dark night

Magick stirs in the air.


Greetings My Peeps!

5k words in a day

That is my goal for today!  Honestly, it sounds a little daunting.  I don’t really keep track of how many words I write in any given session but I seriously doubt it’s that much.  I found a picture on pinterest that laid an entire day out, with breaks.  So I’ve decided to give it a try.  This is the best time to do it since I’m on spring break and planned on writing anyways.  I added the picture just in case anyone else wanted to give it a go! And to credit the creator :  J Young-Ju Harris

Greetings My Peeps!

A collection of moments

In the spirit of this pretty little picture and quote I want to talk about my recent trip up to Hanging Rock.  The plan was to go camping for a couple of days and unplug, but that didn’t pan out, so we just went hiking instead.  My husband and I invited my parents (who we were staying with) to come along and they said yes.

We decided to do the water fall trails because they were a little easier and my step father is still recovering from knee surgery.

The trail was nice and I enjoyed being out in the woods.  We reached one of the over hangings and I went up to the edge and sat down on the edge.  I was more than content to just sit there a few moments and relish the coolness of the stone benieth me, coupled with the warmth of the sun and the scent of wet earth.  But my folks wanted to take a couple of pictures and move on.  Oh well, to each their own I suppose.  When we reached the bottom where the water fall was I handed my stuff off to my hubby and climbed down to it.  My mom wanted to know what I was doing and I told her that standing under a waterfall was on my bucket list.  Now, mind you, I pictured it in some tropical location but hey, I’ll take what I can get.  My hubby soon joined me and together we stood under the chilly water.

The point of the story is this:  Live in the moment.  Take time to make memories and get the pictures on the way out.


Until next time my friends

Greetings My Peeps!


My husband and I are having some fertility issues.  I went to see a specialist, and like any time you go see the doctor, they made me get on the scale.  It was a bit of a shock seeing the number I saw.  So when I got home, I swore to change.  I’ve made some adjustments and am trying to get into the swing of working out and what not.  I have to constantly remind myself that any progress I make is good.  So that brings us to the quote of the week:


Greetings My Peeps!

Why You Must Set Deadlines

I have this book, a children’s book, that I have been working on for longer than I should have.  It’s not that I’m struggling with it or anything, it’s just that I don’t have a deadline for it.  The thing is, I only work on it in between projects.  I feel terrible about it.

You see, when I published my first book, my students were ecstatic and wanted to read it.  Their little faces fell when I told them that it was an adult book and they couldn’t.  They turned those puppy eyes on me and begged me to write them one they could read.  Honestly, could you say no to twenty-five ten year olds?

But sadly I have been neglecting this story.  It’s basically done, I just need to finish polishing it and then send it off the editor.

I promise kiddies,  I’ll get it out to you soon.



Greetings My Peeps!

This World

After my husband gets home and he gives me a kiss and after we tell each other about our days, he turns on the news and says, “Let’s see who’s died today?”  I know he’s joking but honestly, 90% of the time someone has died or something tragic has happened.  I don’t know if the world is actually going to shit or if maybe I’m just more aware of it now.  But either way, there appears to be more darkness in the world.  So here’s my attempt to shine a little light into the dark.

Here’s the first post in a new segment I’m doing called Powerful Words.  These words of wisdom or kindness may come from me, quotes I find, or quotes from books.  I hope that they find you just when you need them the most.