Greetings My Peeps!

The little things

Because of my day job, writing my second book is a bit of a struggle.  I don’t necessarily have the time or the energy after work to sit down and write.  This also means that I have even less time to edit.  Every time I tried, my eyes would eventually end up crossed from staring at the screen.  To fix this, I have decided to go a little old school.  I printed out the chapters that I’ve completed and pulled out my handy dandy red pen and got to work.  Oddly, I love it.  There’s something beautiful about it all.  I was actually able to get through a chapter faster this way than my editing on my computer.  While it may cost a little more (paper and ink) I can carry my manuscript with me anywhere and whip it out to do a bit of editing if I have a free moment.  Pretty sweet huh?

Well I got to go.  Until next time folks.  Have a great weekend!



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