Greetings My Peeps!

The little things

Because of my day job, writing my second book is a bit of a struggle.  I don’t necessarily have the time or the energy after work to sit down and write.  This also means that I have even less time to edit.  Every time I tried, my eyes would eventually end up crossed from staring at the screen.  To fix this, I have decided to go a little old school.  I printed out the chapters that I’ve completed and pulled out my handy dandy red pen and got to work.  Oddly, I love it.  There’s something beautiful about it all.  I was actually able to get through a chapter faster this way than my editing on my computer.  While it may cost a little more (paper and ink) I can carry my manuscript with me anywhere and whip it out to do a bit of editing if I have a free moment.  Pretty sweet huh?

Well I got to go.  Until next time folks.  Have a great weekend!


Greetings My Peeps!

I have an addiction

Hello, my name is Kristen and I am addicted to free books for the Kindle….









Every day, I get an email for this site called bookbub.  It’s awesome!  Not only do they suggest some books that you may like, they also include free books too.  Nearly everyday, I download a free book or two.  But here’s the kicker….I rarely read them.  I have some books that have been on my kindle for years and I’ve never read them.  Well, I’m trying to change that.  I’ve made myself promise that I will not buy anymore new books until I read at least ten books on my kindle.

Maybe I’m just addicted to reading and books….nah.

Do any of you also have this problem?  Please don’t let me be the only one.  Until next time folks!


Greetings My Peeps!

Finally! I have a cover!

So as some of you may remember, over the summer my computer decided it wanted to crash every other day.  Because of that not only did I not get any writing done, but I also lost a lot of stuff.  One of these things was my Photoshop program and all the working covers I had.  To make matters worse, neither my husband nor I could find the backup of the Photoshop program.  So that meant that we had to get a new one…







However, my husband has pulled through once again (seriously, I would be completely lost without him…just don’t tell him that I said that) and now I have it back.  Now that I have it back that means I can finally add the finishing touches to my cover and be done with it.  Which brings us to the point of this post…I get to share my gorgeous cover with you guys!

Drum roll please!











Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000031_00004]
Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000031_00004]


















I’m so proud of it.  My cover making skills have improved!!!!!  Ha ha.  Any who, I would love to hear feedback from you guys.  Until next time!


Greetings My Peeps!

In the Moonlight

Lying in your arms
the moonlight shining through
i smile at your sleeping face

my heart swells with love
and it feels like it will burst
nothing is wrong
i am happy

memories fill my head
when we met
when we first said i love you
our first kiss
our first night together

you never need to fear
that I should ever leave you
we are meant for each other
and nothing will ever change that

So here I am
watching you as you sleep
I kiss your forehead
and curl up to you and dream