Greetings My Peeps!

I’m so happy!!!!

Look at what came in today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_20141230_153208I squealed like a little girl.  I jumped up and down like a kid at Christmas.  Finally, I have my proof!  It’s time to party!!!!





I’m so excited I can barely contain myself!  Ha-ha.

Greetings My Peeps!


Evening people,

I know, I know, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything.  But in my defense, we had to do a lot of testing before the kiddies went off for their Winter Break.  Speaking of taking a break, the first half of my break was spent with my husband’s family.  It was nice; we really didn’t do anything.  I got to work on my novel a bit and did a little self-promoting.  Hey whatever it takes right?  Ha ha.

The trip back was killer.  It took us two hours to get through a section of road that usually is only 45mins.  Here are the reasons why: one, holiday travel.  Two, two accidents, and three, a Winnebago caught fire.  Luckily, no one got hurt but my husband and I were hurting by the time we finally got back home.  We were supposed to make a trip to hang out with my folks for New Year’s but we decided to pass.  Neither one of us really wants to deal with traffic anymore.  Plus, I really haven’t had a chance to just laze about with my hubby.  Work usually leaves me drained, and I’m studying to get my certification so I can get my license, teaching license that is.  Although, my hubby just got a PlayStation 4 as a Christmas gift to himself, so I’m not sure how much time we’ll actually get to spend together.  I also got a new game…so yeah….

In other news, I had to report my proof as lost in the mail because I ordered it a month ago yesterday and it still hasn’t arrived.  I notified Createspace and they apologized.  I should be receiving a new copy by the 31st.  If everything is good, then I’ll make The Lost Guardian available to purchase soon after.  I’m so ready to have it done, you have no idea.  I’ve already started on the next installment, but I haven’t made much progress.  My plan is to get a good chunk done during this last week of my break.

I hope you guys had a marvelous Christmas, or whatever it is you practice.  Please be safe during New Year’s and here’s hopping that 2015 is better that 2014!



Greetings My Peeps!

When Words Fail to Come

I really enjoyed reading this post because, every now and again, I get stuck. My usual go to is to do a free write or fanfiction (hey don’t judge) but what’s in this post is a good idea too? What are your thoughts?

The Sarcastic Muse

I stand in the mist and cry, thinking of myself standing in the mist and crying, and wondering if I will ever be able to use this experience in a book. ~Erica Jong, Fear of Flying

Happy Thursday!  I’ve been holed up in the one remaining tower of Muse Headquarters that wasn’t destroyed by, ahem, experiments in Amanda’s lab.  I miss hanging out and cleaning up whatever goo flood the lab or whatever substance is on the walls in the dungeon, but right now, the tower is where I need to be.

Sometimes, words can fail even the most prolific writers. I’ve never been one to make excuses or listen to them, but there are times life legitimately throws you for a loop and the words retreat. It’s hard not to panic, but of course they will return when I’m ready for them.

When the Words Won't ComeHere’s the thing about writing. There are…

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Greetings My Peeps!


OK, so here’s what happened.  I had finished the final editing stages for my book.  I requested a physical copy to go over before Thanksgiving.  Well as it got closer to the delivery date I checked the status.  Oh dear lord!  There was a mix up at the post office and they ended up sending my proof back to the company that I’m using to make physical copies!  h9A9C122C I was hoping to have The Lost Guardian out by Christmas but that plan has fallen through.  I’m waiting to hear back from the publishing company to see what they have to say about all this.  Here’s hoping,they will be able to just resend it.

As I wait, I’ve already started on the next installment.  I reached a stand still in the outlining phase, so I decided to go ahead and start writing.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to find my groove with this story by getting a jump start on the writing process.  Keep your fingers crossed.

On another note, I’m in a serious book funk.  I haven’t had one this bad in ages.  Basically, I can’t enjoy any new book.  The only books I seem to want, or am able to read, are ones that I’ve already read a dozen times.  Normally I don’t mind but I’m tired of running to the library every week.

I hope you guys are doing a little better than I am right now.  Till next time.