Greetings My Peeps!

So Sweet

Yesterday, I was helping a few kids in my class find words that matched their suffixes.  We were just about finished when somehow we ended up talking about Supernatural.  Don’t ask me how but we did.  It did help to relieve my confusion about why they were talking about demon possession at lunch.  No really….they were discussion possession.  Thursday they were talking about Santa.  Ha-ha.  So back to the story.  One of the students made up a sentence about the President and another said that if that student was to ever become the President, he would leave.  I, of course, told him that was mean and then I said that going to another country isn’t always a bad thing.  I told them that I was planning on becoming a teacher in another country.  It’s a great opportunity and sometimes they pay well or help cover some costs.  All four of them got real upset and one of them said, “No, don’t go.  You have to stay forever.”  He looked like someone had run over his dog.  It was too precious.  I quickly assured them that I wasn’t leaving anytime soon and we were able to finish our work.

Sometimes kids can be so sweet.


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