Greetings My Peeps!

WTF Mate!

Ok so check this out.   Yesterday was a teacher workday for my school.  I wasn’t there for most of the day because I was at a workshop.  I decided to stop by and make sure that there wasn’t anything else that I needed to do before I went home.  I was talking to the teacher I work under (I’m a teacher assistant) and I asked her how was her day.  She then proceeds to tell me that we (the staff) are no longer allowed to use punitive forms of punishments anymore….anigif_enhanced-29664-1412900735-2Now before some of you get upset, we don’t physically harm the children.  We take away their recess by making them walk laps.  We use the color coded red, yellow, and green system.  And some classes use the Dojo app where students can earn or lose points based on their behavior in class and whether or not they do their work.  Well now we can’t take away their recess because they “have to be free to play”.  If a student gets on red they have to be able to earn it back and we are no longer allowed to take away class points from them.  Let me as you this…how in the hell are we supposed to keep discipline and order in the classroom if there are no negative repercussions for their actions?  Positive reinforcement only goes so far and in the real world there are positive and negative consequences to your actions.

The only thing this new ruling accomplishes is to further tie the teacher’s hands.  Sure we can call the parents but for a vast majority, the parents are a part of the problem.  You know the ones I’m talking about.  The “not my angel” parents.  Then you have the parents that have just given up.  The kids know that they won’t get into trouble so what good will threatening them with calling their parents do.  Ug!


Please pray for the teachers at my school.  Things are about to get rough.


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