Greetings My Peeps!

So Close

When my husband got out of the military, we moved in with my relatives while we looked for jobs and a place to live.  Unfortunately, it took longer to find these things than we anticipated.  But now we are getting close to finally having a space of our own again and getting our things back.  But we have run into one set back after another.  My parents offered their old home that they have been renting out.  The girl that was already living there had to be evicted because she was no longer paying rent and that was an ordeal all in of itself.  When she finally left, she had trashed the house so for the last few weeks my husband and I have been diligently cleaning it up.  We are now maybe a week away from getting our things delivered!

I’m so excited because this means that I will get my books back!  I have books that I read over and over.  I miss these books.  They are my favorites.  My husband is excited to get our bed back and his TV.  Anyone who has had to live with someone else for a while will understand the simple joy of having one’s own things and space.  I can’t wait!  I’ve been planning where all the furniture will go, but I’m more excited about getting my office space back.  Soon I will have my monitor back which means that my edits will go faster.  Right now, I just have my laptop so that makes for a slow process.

I can’t wait to finally move in!  I love the unpacking process.  I know, I’m strange.  Ha-ha.  It will be just like Christmas!



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