Greetings My Peeps!

So Long Old Man

Throughout our lives we have two families.  The ones that we are born with.  The other is one that we create for ourselves.  This other family is usually made up of our friends, and sometimes even our friend’s parents.  Well, this past Friday I lost a member of my created family.  His name was Mr. Weaver and he was the best adoptive grandfather anyone could ask for.  He looked the way a grandfather should, big belly and all.  Mr. Weaver was also my husband’s adoptive grandfather too.  Whenever I couldn’t find Dmitry, my husband, in or around the house I would look across the yard and there he was with Mr. Weaver in the workshop.

Mr. Weaver lived a hard life, but he never wished for anything different.  That man had some stories.  He was always there to offer words of wisdom and he was my go-to man for anything farming related.  His wife was also adopted by me and my husband.  My heart goes out to her and her children as they go through this trying time.  But we all know that Mr. Weaver is happy in the afterlife and what more can we hope for.

So goodbye, Old Man.  I will miss you terribly.  Don’t worry about the Misses, Dmitry and I will take care of her.


Love you.


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