Greetings My Peeps!

Why I need an Editor….

I know that many self published authors forgo using an editor.  Most likely because of the cost of hiring one.  But after getting my novel back I realize that it’s money well spent.  You see, for years I have been putting the comma after someone speaks in the wrong spot.  Don’t ask my why I just have.  When I saw the corrections in my manuscript I was confused.  But after flipping through the books on my shelf, I realized that I did make a mistake.  See people!  It pays to use an editor.  Plus, if you’re confused about why they did something you can ask them.  At least mine has no problem with it.  An editor is more than just someone you pay to correct your work.  They are someone who knows about writing, and can help you to improve your writing.  So thank you Christie!


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