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Old Shows and New

Wow I am on a roll today!  Three posts in one day.  Well I guess I had to make up for my two week absence.  So anyways….DOCTOR WHO IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tumblr_miu47ppMi41qg2jf6o1_250I was starting to get antsy.  I like the new Doctor.  I think he’s doing a wonderful job.  He’s a bit more grumpy than 11 (my doctor) but there’s still enough humor and mystery to keep me entertained.  I am excited to see where this season go especially when it’s just a set up for the shows new direction.  Yeah!

Fall is just around the corner and you know what that means?  All the good shows are back.  I can’t wait for Arrow and I’m even excited for the Flash.  Supernatural is coming back too and I think for it’s final season.  I know I may get a lot of flack for this but about time.  Honestly, I started to fall out of love with the show after season five.  They could have ended it there and I would have been completely happy.  I never expected a show like that to have a concrete ending so it would have worked.  Please don’t hate me but it’s just my opinion.  I may have to go back and watch the seasons that I didn’t just so I’m all caught up.  I still haven’t decided whether or not I will watch the final season.

Outlander has turned out to be a pleasant surprise!  The only thing that’s getting me is that I’m impatient to see certain things.  The show is based off of a book series in case you didn’t know.  The funny thing is that I don’t have this problem with Game of Thrones.  I guess it’s because they are starting to deviate from the books a bit.  Which honestly, they probably don’t have to do but that’s television for you.

Well I guess I should get off now.  I feel like I have sufficiently made up for my absence.  Plus I have to start cooking dinner.  Take care everybody!



2 thoughts on “Old Shows and New”

  1. It always seems like a long wait for the news seasons the premiere, but I’m anxiously waiting the return of Vampire Diaries, even though they lost the plot the last two seasons, I’m still hanging on hoping.

  2. Never really had any interest in that show. But yeah, it does seem like it takes forever for shows to come back on. I just wish they would have something to watch during the summer you know? I hope the next season is good for ya. Nothing is worse than a bad season. 🙂

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