Greetings My Peeps!

Long Time No See

Greetings internet friends!

I would like to start off by saying sorry for not posting anything in such a long time.  Things have been really crazy around here.  So let’s not waist anymore time and let me fill you in on everything.

As you know, I started a new job working at an Elementary school.  Right now it’s about fifty-fifty.  Since I work with a special needs student some days can be pretty rough and I’m on my own for a lot of it.  But the teachers that I work with are funny, supportive, and are willing to work with me.  And that helps a lot.  The teacher that I work directly for told me last week that she was so glad that I was working out.  To tell you the truth I was surprised to hear her say that.  I since school started I felt like I was stumbling around in the dark.  She told me not to worry because there is a learning curve but I have excellent instincts.  Talk about a moral booster!  I like the student that I’m responsible for, she can be really sweet and funny.  I also love her classmates.  They are understanding of her differences and try to be her friends (which doesn’t work out).  I tell them that it’s nothing personally and that I appreciate the effort.  They also love me!  I love them too.  Sadly, because I’m all over the place I haven’t had any time to make any work friends but what can you do?

I received my book back from my editor and I have started making corrections.  I’m glad I did because there are bits in the book where what was in my head didn’t make it to paper.  I’ve been fighting with that since day one.  This is why you always need someone else to go over your work.  They have no idea what’s in your head, so if you missed something they will let you know.  I wish I had dual monitors though.  It’s a little hard bouncing back and forth on one screen.  But I will try my best.

Lastly, since I’m pretty beat by the time I get home I won’t be posting as often.  I will try to post on the weekends but I won’t make any promises.  My days start at five fifteen and I’m usually in bed pretty early.  Weekends are my time to catch up on some sleep and get some reading or writing done.  I will try to update more, I don’t want you guys to think that I’ve forgotten about you.  So till then, take care!




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