Greetings My Peeps!

New Job

I started my new job this past Monday!  I was so excited that I could hardly sleep.  Now don’t worry, this job won’t affect my writing.  In fact it may just help it.  I will be working as a Teacher Assistant at an elementary school.  What makes this job even more exciting is that I got it so soon after earning my degree.  From what I understand that doesn’t happen very often.  Right now is like a week long teacher work day.  School starts next Monday so I’ll probably be extra excited then too!!!!!!


Greetings My Peeps!

Happy Birthday Mom!!!!

Today’s my mom’s birthday!!!!!  Sadly I won’t get to spend any time with her because both of us are too busy and we don’t live that close to each other.  But I plan on calling her as soon as she gets off from work and I just may put her birthday card in the mail today, ha ha.  I’m horrible about getting things into the mail on time.  Oh well.  So here’s to you mamma!  Happy Birthday and I love you!

me and my mom

Greetings My Peeps!

RIP Robin Williams

A few moments ago my grandmother told me that Robin Williams died today.  At first I didn’t believe her.  I thought she was talking about someone else with the same name, but no…it was the same person.  I actually started to cry.  Robin Williams has been entertaining my life since I was little and watched Aladdin for the first time.  He has made me laugh and cry.  They aren’t sure if he took his own life or not and I hope that he didn’t.  My heart goes out to his family and to his close friends.  He was a good man and will be missed.

I’m tearing up as I write this and I’m not quite sure why.  I’m always sad to hear when a someone I’ve enjoyed watching dies.  But they have never made me cry.  It’s always been,  “Oh how sad”.  But for Mr. Williams it’s different for some reason.  I hope that he is happy where ever he is and I hope he knows how sorely he will be missed.


Goodbye Funny Man.
Goodbye Funny Man.
Greetings My Peeps!

Lazy Rainy Days

It’s raining again today.  I try to not complain because the alternative is a drought and I rather not have one of those.  But the lack of sunlight has made me lethargic (2 pts).  I am trying to do something productive, however.  I tried to read but my mind kept wondering.  I don’t have anything to clean.  At least it’s almost time for dinner so that will give me something.  But I did manage to work on the next book’s outline a little more.  So yeah me!

I have a feeling that this one may be a little bigger than the last one and I’m ok with that.  So here I am on the couch listening to the Duffy station on Pandora, trying to get the meat and potatoes portion of my next book on paper.  I’m a little interested to see where it takes me.  Now I do have some idea where I want this story to go, but that’s only the main points, as for the rest….no idea.   I usually just let those things come to me.

Oh! I also just opened a jar of those pickled peppers I made a few weeks ago.  I may have to shake the bottles up every now and again.  The peppers that settled on the bottom are definitely hotter than the ones on the top, but they’re still good!

On another note….since summer is usually the lull time for most shows, I’ve started re-watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I have a completely different perspective watching it now than when I did as a teen.  Things hit me harder (I still cried when she had to kill Angel) and some things tick me off even more.  It’s interesting….but it’s something to kill the time till Doctor Who comes back on later this month, although Starz has a new show Outlander based on the book.  I read it and wasn’t too impressed with it.  Ok…well I liked it till I thought the author was just writing for writing’s sake and could have ended the book a few hundred pages later.  I also googled the book series to see if I should even bother reading the rest and came to the conclusion that maybe this isn’t the series for me, even though it’s a good series.

Oh well, enough of my ramblings.  Like I said earlier, it’s about time for me to start dinner.  Take care everybody!


Greetings My Peeps!

Free Book Day!!!!

I almost forgot that it’s the start of a new month and that means new free books for the kindle.  Silly me.  Now some months are better than others and this month was awesome!

tumblr_maq610BpFq1qakrdzo5_250I got a lot of interesting looking books and even managed to find a whole series.  (That’s rare)  I love free books whether I borrow them from the library or get them from Amazon.  There’s no real risk if the book turns out to be crappy but I’ve also come across some really good ones too.  Like right now I’ reading a free book I got a while back called The Last Goddess.  Oh my goodness…I’m loving it!  And speaking of what I’m reading, I’ve finally gotten my Goodreads page to sync with this blog so I got rid of the What I’m reading page.  If you’re still curious, or are looking for something new to read just scroll down the page, along the side, and you’ll see it.  It actually works out pretty well for me because I was always forgetting to update that page.

Any who, that’s enough for now.  Till next time people and happy reading.