Greetings My Peeps!

Too Soon…Nah!

Well a few days ago I finished the revisions and editions to The Lost Guardian.  I must say that this is the proudest I’ve ever been, ever.  Graduating bootcamp is a close second but nothing, so far, has compared to finishing my first book.  Well…technically I’m not finished.  I still have to send it to my editor, which won’t be for a few more weeks she’s a busy girl, and I have to send it off to be bound and what not.  But still…PondsBut the funny thing is that now I don’t know what to do with myself.  I’ve been writing this story for three years…it feels weird to not be writing.  So I’ve decided to go on ahead and start working on the next.   I know some say that you have to wait between books but honestly…a writer is supposed to wait….

CompanionYes this will be a Doctor Who themed post today, deal with it.  But back to what I said earlier.  Yes, I’ve started working on the next book.  Nothing fancy so far, just hashing out what I want, the themes I may use, and rough character traits and story outline.  Like I said it’s nothing much but I figured I might as well get started on it since I’m done with the first one.  At least it will keep me from going crazy and keeping my writing muscles strong.  So for those who say that I shouldn’t here’s what I have to say…whatever.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-19952-1390472001-8It’s not like I’m writing two stories at the same time, and if I was so what.  I gotta do what works for me.  So yeah.  Well I’m done.  I really just wanted to touch base with you guys.  Ha ha.  Stay frosty my friends!  Till next time.



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