Greetings My Peeps!

Touching Base

Greetings!  Just figured I stop by and fill you guys in on what’s going on.  As you know, I just finished writing The Lost Guardian and am working through one last revision session before it’s off to the editor’s for a more professional going over.  The first few chapters have been torture.  I swear I spend most of my time cringing at my writing than actually reading it.


But hey this is my first book and wrote the first half while I was still in school.  My college papers influence my writing, meaning the first half of my book is voiceless and wordy.  It’s fixed now.  So hopefully things will pick up here soon.  I still want to try and find out if a local bookstore near me would be willing to carry my book (I hope so!)


In other news, I just celebrated my 4th anniversary with my hubby!  Yeah!




Tell you the truth it feels like yesterday and forever at the same time.  Some days I love him to bits and others I try to not kill him in his sleep.  Ha-ha.  But no, seriously…I love my husband so much.  He has been in my corner since day one of this book and I don’t think I could have finished this book without his support.  Love you Dmitry!

My tomatoes have exploded.  I’m picking them faster than I can eat them.  I have thought about making spaghetti sauce but then my grandmother gets a hold of them and their gone.  Maybe next year.  My peppers are doing alright too, but Dmitry keeps picking them off the plant and eats them right away.  I think I may have to do a bigger garden next year just so I can actually can something.  Ha-ha.

Well that’s all that’s going on with me right now.  I’ll check in with you guys in a couple of weeks.  Till then enjoy your summer!


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