Greetings My Peeps!

I Must!

I must, must, must get some writing done this weekend no matter what!

Hopefully the new book that I’m reading, The Winter Rose, has inspired me enough to get out of this funk.  When I struggle to find the right words, or words that will work till I can edit later, a well written book is just the ticket.  I try to not read as an author; that has ruined too many books for me.  I know that “they” recommend it, but I tend to tear the book apart without enjoying the story.  I think about how I would improve the story and after a few pages or chapters I can keep reading.  Maybe I wouldn’t do that if the book was well written but then again maybe not.  I don’t claim to be a top notch writer, just to be clear.  I know that there are probably many things in my book that people won’t like but that’s ok.  I’m writing something that I would like to read.

Back to the point…I want to get at least halfway done with a chapter before the weekend is over.  I’m getting close to being 2/3rds done with my book but it’s really starting to become difficult.  Plus this is where things start to really gear up so I want to get them just right.  Any who, I have wasted enough time.  I hope you guys have a great weekend and till next time!


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