Greetings My Peeps!

I Must!

I must, must, must get some writing done this weekend no matter what!

Hopefully the new book that I’m reading, The Winter Rose, has inspired me enough to get out of this funk.  When I struggle to find the right words, or words that will work till I can edit later, a well written book is just the ticket.  I try to not read as an author; that has ruined too many books for me.  I know that “they” recommend it, but I tend to tear the book apart without enjoying the story.  I think about how I would improve the story and after a few pages or chapters I can keep reading.  Maybe I wouldn’t do that if the book was well written but then again maybe not.  I don’t claim to be a top notch writer, just to be clear.  I know that there are probably many things in my book that people won’t like but that’s ok.  I’m writing something that I would like to read.

Back to the point…I want to get at least halfway done with a chapter before the weekend is over.  I’m getting close to being 2/3rds done with my book but it’s really starting to become difficult.  Plus this is where things start to really gear up so I want to get them just right.  Any who, I have wasted enough time.  I hope you guys have a great weekend and till next time!

Greetings My Peeps!

The Muses Have Forksaken Me!!!!!!!!!!

Normally I can’t get the muses to leave me alone, but lately I can’t find them anywhere.  I’m not gonna lie, I’m struggling again.  I hate it because I really want to stay on schedule, but it looks like I may not be able to keep my original estimate.  When I do see the muses they’re teasing me with quick flashes for stuff I’m not even working on but before I can write it down they scurry away leaving me confused.

Me:  Why have you forsaken me oh muses of old!  What have I ever done to you?  Why must you torment me so!

Muses: Because we can!


But don’t worry because once we finally decided you’ve suffered enough we’ll return and it will be like this:


Me: …can’t I get that now?

Muses:  Nope.

Greetings My Peeps!

If you need a laugh

I was messing around on Facebook today and I came across a picture that it just too awesome for words.



The sad thing is that when I read this the music to Royals played in my head.  But this is definitely how I feel sometimes.  I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a fangirl.  I know I’m a geek and a nerd and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Some people don’t understand but I try to not let it get to me.  If you’re a fan anything you know these people.  They’re the ones that say “It’s just a book/movie/show/etc get over it.”  Well pooh on you I do what I want.

I’ll fall in love, cry over, and dream about these fictional characters because they give me so much (hope, strength, inspiration)



Greetings My Peeps!

Another One Bites the Dust!

Greetings everyone!

I hope you all had a nice Superbowl Sunday.  I’m not a sports person.  If you are that’s cool but I don’t get all the hype.  Any who, so while my parents were agonizing over the Broncos I managed to finish another chapter!  (Does a happy dance)


I’m even happier because this was the chapter that I was struggling with.  Fortunately I managed to get it to a point where I was happy enough to send it to my Beta.  It will most likely change a bit during editing but that’s the way it works; at least the bones are there.  That’s all for now.


Greetings My Peeps!

Free Books!

Greetings everyone!

I’m always on the lookout for new books.  I go to the library, bookstores, and I have a Kindle.  Now I know that some people out there despise the Kindle.  I used to be one of those people.  My husband got me one and I have to admit that I love it.  With that being said, I don’t think I will ever buy books for my Kindle ever again.  With real books, if I don’t like it or I get tired of it I could always pass it on.  I can’t really do that with Kindle books.

Then I discovered something awesome!  At the beginning of each month Amazon has new lists that have free books on them.  So now at the first of every month I scan through these lists and see if there’s any books that I may like.  I have found some good books and some not so good books, but hey that’s the nature of the beast.

So if you own a Kindle, make sure you stop by Amazon today to check out the new free books.  FREE BOOKS FOR ALL!!!!