Greetings My Peeps!

On the road again…..

While I’m waiting to hear back from my editor I’ve started to work on my book some more.  I’m actually really excited not because I’m a third of the way through, but because this is the furthest that I’ve ever gotten.  I’ve been writing for years: poems, books, and plays.  But as try as I might, I’ve never gotten past either the first few pages or if I’m lucky a chapter.  So here’s what I’m doing different this time…..


1) I created an outline.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner.  It helps me to keep my writing on track because I am notorious for tangents.  It also is great for quick references when I have bring up something that happened earlier on.  I also use this outline to create my characters, settings, and time frames.

2) I no longer wait for moments of inspiration.  This one was a little difficult for me.  Some days I can sit at my computer and write and write till my fingers cramp.  Then there are days when I don’t even look at my computer.  I try to write a little bit every day and sometimes that’s all I need.  Sometimes the act of writing or editing gets my creative juices flowing and ta-da magic happens!

3)I keep an idea journal.  I have a confession….my brain doesn’t like to stay in the real world.  I get random ideas for novels all the time.  Sometimes I have three in a day.  I love them all and so naturally I want to write them.  I tried to ignore these plot bunnies and I noticed a lull in the quality of my writing.  Instead of giving in to them, I decided to give them a partial home in a little $3 journal I got at Wal-Mart.  This journal has saved my life.  I get an idea.  I write it down, maybe even a paragraph or two.  Then I can put the idea out of my mind knowing that I won’t forget it.  If any of you other writers out there have this same problem get an idea journal.  Trust me!


And that’s it.  I’ve only changed three things and I’m finally on the road to not only completing my first novel but a life goal as well and I can’t help but feel awesome!




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