Greetings My Peeps!

So sweet

So I was at my friend’s house for a birthday party for her kids.  As I walk in the door I see someone I haven’t seen in long time.  So naturally we started chatting it up.  He then says to me “So what is this I hear about you being an author?”  At first I thought he said alter and as you can imagine I was really confused.  In my defense it was a little loud and I’m a little hard of hearing.  So I tell him that I am writing a book and he was really impressed.  He didn’t know that I liked to write.  Well he goes to say the sweetest thing I have ever heard, “I’ve never read a book but if you write one I’ll give it a try.”  That really warmed my heart.  I know there are people out there who haven’t discovered the joys of reading, its ok but still sad, and if this guy is willing to give it a go for me I have to make sure that I keep on track.  It’s little things like this that just give me so much motivation to keep on writing.  Thanks Parker.


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