Greetings My Peeps!


Well here I go!  After hours and hours of research online I have finally decided to start my author’s blog.  I was a bit apprehensive about starting one, but since I am going to be a self published author it may be best if I start now to get my name out there before my book actually comes out.  So here’s how it’s going to go…I’m going to touch base with you all at least once a week (if I can more often).  I’m still writing as of right now so I promise to keep you all up to date as I complete chapters and when anything interesting happens to come along.

Right now I have finished four chapters and am currently working on the fifth as we speak.  I have found an editor but still no cover and I’m contemplating changing the title of my book.  Finding a title, I think, is just as hard as writing the book.  It has to carry so much and I want to get it just right.  Well that’s enough for now till next time!


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