Greetings My Peeps!

Another chapter down!!!!

I’ve finally finished another chapter and sent it off to by beta!  Every time I do I sorta feel like…



And with Thanksgiving just around the corner I think it’s the perfect time to do a mass edit.  I edit from time to time, especially when I get feed back from my beta and editor.  Now that I’m a third of the way through my book I really should make sure that everything flows together and everything else.  So till then Happy Thanksgiving everyone and see you soon!

Greetings My Peeps!

Happy Anniversary Doctor Who!!!!!!

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am today!  Today is the 50th anniversary of my favorite show Doctor Who!  I have been driving my family crazy because the TV has been glued to BBC America, who has been hosting a marathon, all week.  My husband has actually taken refuge in the form of Call of Duty Ghost.  ha ha So excuse me while I geek out and celebrate!




Greetings My Peeps!

Lines that kill

Words have power.  That much is true.  They can move us to tears, fill us with hope, or destroy our lives.  As a reader sometimes I wonder if the author is aware of what their words are doing to me and as a writer I sorta do.  I know that not every word, sentence, or paragraph will make an impact on my readers and that’s ok.  I’m still in the beginning stages of my book but already I have some favorite parts and I thought I would share a few with you.

“As Erin ran her hand over the mantel she started to get a strange feeling.  It felt like her entire family, generations upon generations, were standing in the room with her welcoming her home at last.  She could almost see their faces.  Their presence filled her with a strength and sense of belonging that she had never known; it brought tears to her eyes and peace to her shattered heart.”


“Even though Erin is still irritated at him, she wraps her arms around him and lays her head on his chest.  She can only imagine the pain that he had gone through losing his first love like that.  While she understood that he had the best intentions, she could no longer be a passive player in her own life.  He would probably hate Connor till the day he died but she didn’t know enough about the man to form an opinion yet.  But Caleb really didn’t need to worry about her falling victim to anyone because hell would freeze over before she let herself become a victim again.”


As I continue to write and edit, I’m sure that these passages will change and I may even have some new favorites.

Greetings My Peeps!

Movies, TV, and Books

I am not ashamed to admit that I am one of those people who when they find out that something they have watched is a book they go out and buy it.  And more often than not I end up loving the book way more than the show.  But every now and again I come across someone who looks down on me for not knowing about the book till the show/movie.  I’m sure you’ve meet those people and know how they are….


They look at me with their smug little faces and treat me like I’m just going along with the book because “it’s the big thing right now”.  Outwardly I just smile and walk away but inside I’m all….


There are hundreds if not thousands of books that come out daily and not ally of them get carried by every bookstore.  So what if I just stumbled across a book or series because it’s on tv or they made it into a movie?  At least I went out and bought the book in an attempt to see how much they left out and to become apart of that literary world.  I didn’t even know that Enders Game was a book and it’s been out for a while, but I’ve added it to my reading pile.  Game of Thrones…had no idea but now I’m happy that I found it.  Here’s a biggie….I didn’t read Harry Potter till the first movie was about to come out.  I saw the previews and thought that it looked interesting.  I read the first three books before the movie hit theaters.

So here’s the point that I’m trying to make.  Just because you picked up a book because it has made its way into the main stream media does not make you any less of a reader.  You can’t possibly know of every book ever made.  Treasure these surprising find and remember to treat other readers with the same respect that you want.  Happy Reading!!!!

Greetings My Peeps!

Creative Juices

Hemingway once said to write drunk and edit sober. I have to admit that’s a pretty good philosophy. Now I’m not one to condone alcoholism but honestly when I have a little bit of the liquid courage I find that the words fly off my fingers and onto the page. Course it doesn’t have to be alcohol sometimes a good cup of coffee or tea will do the trick. Strange huh?

Even more strange, I get the best ideas while I’m doing something else. The Lost Guardian started to form as I was unpacking from a recent move to California. I’ve even had full blow character conversations while driving back and forth from DC.

All in all you’ll be surprised at what will trigger one’s creative juices flowing.

Greetings My Peeps!

Time to get to work

I have to admit, I have been neglecting my story.  I know I should be writing a little every day but I’m reaching the end of my degree so that has been in the forefront of my mind.  It’s hard to believe that in three short months I will have a Bachelors in Education.  I still have so much to do to start working in my dream field, teaching, but that doesn’t mean that I should neglect all other aspects of my life.  I still have many more chapters to write and projects to complete.  So here is my solemn vow…I will get at least five pages written today!



Greetings My Peeps!


Well here I go!  After hours and hours of research online I have finally decided to start my author’s blog.  I was a bit apprehensive about starting one, but since I am going to be a self published author it may be best if I start now to get my name out there before my book actually comes out.  So here’s how it’s going to go…I’m going to touch base with you all at least once a week (if I can more often).  I’m still writing as of right now so I promise to keep you all up to date as I complete chapters and when anything interesting happens to come along.

Right now I have finished four chapters and am currently working on the fifth as we speak.  I have found an editor but still no cover and I’m contemplating changing the title of my book.  Finding a title, I think, is just as hard as writing the book.  It has to carry so much and I want to get it just right.  Well that’s enough for now till next time!