Beauty of the Night

I weep at the beauty of the night

With its welcoming darkness

Brightened softly by the moon.


I weep over the beauty of the night

With its cool winds

That caress my skin.


I weep over the beauty of the night

With the lingering scents of flowers

And sun baked earth.


I weep over the beauty of the night

Whose energy fills me

And urges me to new wonders.


I weep over the beauty of the night

Whose subtle nature often goes ignored

By those who are born with the sun in their veins.


The night is in mine and I rejoice.


July…the fastest month of Summer

I can’t believe that my summer is almost over!  I only have two weeks left before I have to go back to work!








Summer where did you go!  Come back!  I didn’t get a chance to do everything that I wanted!












I wish my summer was as long as it was when I was a kid.  It seemed to last forever back then.  Sigh.


Farewell Summer, I shall miss you terribly.


The Attempted Homicide of My Computer

My computer owes its continued living to my husband.  For the past two weeks, my lovely computer has decided to take a crap on me.  It’s not even that old!  I’ve only had it for a few years!  Arg!






I kept getting errors about a driver, but it never told me which driver was jacked up.  Luckily, I was able to, during a brief working period, get all my files backed up.  My husband stopped me from taking my computer out into the back yard and shooting it with a shot gun.  He spent two days working on my computer, and for a little while, it looked like things were going to be alright.  But then, right when I settled down to do a bit of editing…the bloody thing craps out again!!!!


























How hard it is for something to stay fixed once it’s fixed?  Honestly.  My wonderful husband, once again, comes to my rescue and installs a new operating system on my computer.  Things are better, but I have like 50 bazillion updates I have to run to get everything up to date.  I spent an entire day during my vacation doing nothing but updates.  The number of updates is getting smaller, but I can’t ignore a single one or else my computer will crap out.  Sigh.

At this point I’m almost tempted to get a typewriter or write my novels by hand, but I’m too lazy for that.  Plus it would make publishing a little tricky since I’m an indie writer and have to submit everything through createspace….  So send me light, love, prayers, and all that good mojo.  Here’s hoping my computer keeps on kicking.

‘Till next time folks.






Cycles in Reading

I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes I go through cycles when it comes to books.  Sometimes I get on a YA bender, or sometimes I find I can’t get enough of a particular time period with Historical Fictions.  Right now, I’m on a Native America spell.  I think I can accredit this to the fact that I’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed  III, which has a half-Mohawk protagonist and is set during the American Revolution.  A lot of people don’t like this game, but I’m loving it.

What about you guys?  Do you find that you go through spells where you read a lot of a genre or subject matter?  I’m curious.

‘Til next time folks!


Family Vacation….

Right now, I’m near the tail end of a family vacation at the beach.  My husband’s parents have a place in New Jersey and they invited us a long to stay with them for the week that they are there.  It’s been kinda fun, but all the family fun time is really starting to get to me.  Now I don’t know about you guys, but every now and again I need a little alone time.

But I have been having fun.  I’m at the beach.  I’ve had my fresh seafood, and even had some funnel cake from the boardwalk.  I’ll post up pictures when I get back.  With all that being said, I am ready to go home.  Week long vacations are extremely exhausting. But I have enjoyed my time here at the beach.

Summer Vacation!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Summer Vacation!! For the next two months I AM FREE!








No kids to worry about.  No reason to set my alarm.  No reason to go to bed at a reasonable hour.  Just pure unadulterated freedom!  And it couldn’t have come sooner.  For the past few months, I have been utterly useless.  As soon as I got home all I wanted to do was veg out and go to bed.






After I give myself a little vacation, it’s back to work for me.  I’m woefully behind in my writing but I plan to use my vacation making up for what I was too tired to do during the school year.  Hopefully, I’ll be back on track by the time it’s time to go back to school.  ‘Til next time folks!




Happy Father’s Day

A big thank you to all the daddies out there today.  Thank you to the father who cannot be with his family because he’s fighting over seas.  Thank you to the man who chose to be a father to a child that is not his own.  Thank you to the fathers who are doing it all on their own.  And a thank you to the fathers who are gone but not forgotten.  To those men, this poem is for you.


For as long as I could remember
you were there
from moving to new schools
you were there
Scraped knees and broken dreams
you were there
From elementary to middle
you were there
From high school to college
you were there
Prom and graduation
boyfriends and broken hearts
you were there

You were there for
every major events in my life
but no more
you will not be here
when I get my degree
or when I begin my career
You won’t be here for
when I find the love of my life
or when I start my family.

Though you won’t be here
for when I’m grown
you were there in my childhood
All the lessons you taught me
and all the times we fought
have helped me to become
who I am today
and though you aren’t here anymore
you shall live in my heart
and all that you taught me
I shall teach to my children
you shall live on in me and in them.